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I really enjoyed this!

I loved the synth with the vibrato that you threw in there at the end of phrases.

One thing I think you could work on a bit is adding some more presence with reverb. Especially at the beginning the sound seems really unnatural and dead. Adding a subtle reverb and/or delay could really add some character to the lead.

MrStr8face responds:

Thank you! And you're right. I should have added a bit of reverb on my synths x.x

I really like the mood you made with this song!

Two things I think you could improve:

1.There are points where the bass is playing two notes at the same time because of some overlap, creating some out of tune beats in the lower frequencies, which can be overwhelming and undesirable. The plucked guitar also gets a bit low at times, and clashes with the bass, especially when only playing off by a half step (the dissonance would be ok if the guitar was up an octave).

2. You might want to vary the arrangement at some point to add some more interest. Maybe adding another instrument, or changing the harmonic rhythm, or using some different rhythms in the bass.

Overall a very nice little piece with a real sense of atmosphere.

You have some really professional sounds here -- did you make them from scratch or are they from a sample pack?

There are good ideas here, but there needs to be more energy/contrast. Your B section (around 1:04) is good, but the stuff before it is too similar in frequency range and energy. The sub bass also seems to be doing its own thing sometimes, when it should really be following the bassline.

I hope some of this helps you improve, good work.

Cethic responds:

Yes I did make these all myself, from scratch using NI massive and some EQ automation.

The sub actually follows all of the notes in the drop, only during the break down and what is considered a verse the sub is from the first section of the drop, just to help with building to it.

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Love it

Love the art, love the story. Simple, but great.

ToonHole responds:

Love the review. Simple, but awesome.


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